How to use  your Voucher





  Find the item you wish to purchase and then add it to your shopping cart by clicking the green (add to cart) icon on the right hand side. Next enter in your Voucher code where it says (If applicable, enter a Promotional Code: ) this is located above the subtotal. Then click either the green check out button to pay your shipping fee with a credit card or the yellow check out button to pay your shipping fee with PayPal. In the shipping section make sure to look for the company name you purchased your voucher code from and click that shipping rate only. 

Shipping Fees: (If you accidentally click a different companies shipping rate we will send you a courtesy e-mail asking you to pay the correct portion and if we do not hear back from you within 48 hours your order will be canceled and your voucher code will be put back up into our system for you to use at a different time.) 

(Note: you can only use one voucher per order so if you have more then one voucher use one at a time per order.) 


**New Inventory Is Added Daily To Our Website**