Wrap Magic Skirts
Direct Manufacturer of Vintage Indian Silk Wrap Skirts from India


Wrap Magic Skirt is a trendsetting innovator in the world of fashion. We specialize in producing new and innovative trendy designs and use only the highest quality fabrics.  We take pride in the quality of the fabrics we use, and you will not find a better manufactured multi-wear women's clothing line anywhere.  Our products are sold all over the world in boutiques, retail stores, specialty stores and at other fine retail locations. 

Short Transformer Wrap       Medium Transformer Wrap       Long Transformer Wrap

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Plus Size Transformer Wrap          Medium Tube Dress         Long Tube Dress

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   Doris Scarf Dress           Aphrodite Scarf Dress       Arachnee Scarf Dress

Shop For Doris Goddess Scarf DressShop For Aphrodite Goddess ScarfShop For Arachne Scarf Dress

      Iris Scarf Dress               Flora Scarf Dress          EV500 Matching Tube Top

Shop For Iris Scarf DressShop For Flora Scarf DressEV500 Matching Tube Top
    Short Length Kaftan              Medium Length Kaftan                Long Length Kaftans
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Convertible Dress (EV500)        Convertible Dress (EV500 Long Length)        Convertible Dress (EV502)
EV500 Ev500 Long Ev502
*New* EV500 Top              *New* Drawstring Kaftan              Boho Spaghetti Top    
Drawstring Kaftan Top Drawstring Kaftan Top Boho Spaghetti Tops 
120 Eyeshadow Palette    32 Piece Makeup Brush Set    Amazing Transformer Scarf 
Shop for 120 COLOR EYESHADOW PALETTE Shop For 32 Piece Makeup Brush Set Shop For Amazing Transformer Scarf 
*New* Bubble Necklace                              *New* Bubble Bracelet
Gold Bracelet                                             Floating Charm Locket
     Flower Necklace                             Leggings                            Vintage Neck Scarf  
 Vintage Neck Scarves  Vintage Neck Scarves
Fan Fringe Necklace                               Sweater Top or Mini Dress
3 Strand Beaded Necklace Set                         Square Beaded Necklace
Why buy a plain Skirt, Dress or top at the store, when you can buy the WRAP MAGIC SKIRT and wear one item over 100+ ways, it can be worn as a Dress, Skirt or Top. To see how amazing it really is, CLICK HERE.  Each WRAP MAGIC SKIRT is One-Of- Kind, and there are no two patterns that are alike, Our skirts are the most amazing product ever made.  
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