Medium Length Kaftan

Each Kaftan is One-of-a-kind so if you see one that is sold out it will be replaced within a few days with a new print/pattern.


Each Medium Length Kaftan is One-of-a-Kind

Size and Measurements

Size: Will fit 0-2x  
Length of the kaftan is 34"-35" Long and 37" wide.

Hips: Free Size with a drawstring under the bust

Made of Vintage Saris from India with 80% Silk and 20% Poly.

Place your computer pointer over the large picture and click into it to view details. Or you can scroll down and use the smaller images below to also view item available.

Item # MK01/ Meduim Item # MK02/ Meduim Item # MK03/ Meduim Item # MK04/ Meduim

Item # MK05/ Meduim Item # MK06/ Meduim Item # MK07/ Meduim Item # MK08/ Meduim

Item # MK09/ Meduim Item # MK10/ Meduim Item # MK11/ Meduim Item # MK12/ Meduim

LK13 MK14 MK15 MK16

MK17 MK18 MK19 MK20

MK21 MK22 MK23 MK24


The pictures of the skirts above are also available for you to view here.