Transformer Medium Wrap Dress


 Each Transformer Magic Wrap Dress/Skirt/Top are One-of-a-kind so if you see one that is sold out it will be replaced within a few days with a new print/pattern.

Made  from 100% Recycled Vintage Fabrics 80% Silk and 20% Poly.

Each order will  Each  Included a FREE pamphlet with some ideas and instructions on how to wear and Magic Wrap Skirt and a Free Fashion and Instructional DVD. 

Our Transformer Medium Length Magic Wrap Dress/Skirt/Top comes in 2 different lengths: 28" and 30" long 

US Size: 0-16 US, (2-20 AU)

Width: between 49"-51" wide (Please allow for overlap)

  Each of our skirts listed below will have the exact length of the skirt stated when clicking into the picture/item.  

Place your computer pointer over the large picture and click into it to view details. Or you can scroll down and use the smaller images below to also view item available.

Item # M01 / Length: 28Item # M02 / Length: 30Item # M03 / Length: 30Item # M04 / Length: 30

Item # M05 / Length: 28Item # M06 / Length:28Item # M07 /  Length: 28Item # M08 / Length: 28

Item # M09 / Length 30Item # M10 / Length: 30Item # M11 / Length: 28Item #M12 / Length28

Item #M13/ 28 Item# M14/ 30 Item # M15/ 28 Item # M16/ 28

Item # M17 / 30 Item #M18 / 30 Item # M19 / 30 Item #M20 / 28

Item #M21/  28 Item #M22/  28 Item # M23 / 30 Item # M24 / 30

Item # M25 / 30 Item # M26/ 30 Item #M27 / 28 Item #M28 / 28

Item #M29/ 30 Item #M30/ 30 Item #M31/ 28 Item # M32/  28

Item# M33/ 28 Item# M34/ 28 Item# M35/ 28 item # M36/ 28

ITEM # M37/ 28 ITEM # M38/ 28 ITEM #M39/ 28 M40

M41 M42 M43 M44

M45 M46 M47 M48

M49 M50 M51 M52

M53 M54 M55 M56

M57 M58 M59 M60

M61 M62 M63 M64

M65 M66 M67 M68

M69 M70 M71 M72

M73 M74 M75 M76

M77 M78 M79 M80

M81 M82 M83 M84

M85 M86 M87 M88

M89 M90 M91 M92

M93 M94 M95 M96

M97 M98 M99 M100


The pictures of the skirts above are also available for you to view here.

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This skirts is not available in large retail stores. The garment is hand sewn and printed, so there may be some slight color variation, spots, stains, small holes, decorative stitching and loose thread may be present in the design of the skirt. These variations in color only add to the unique true Vintage Sarees beauty of this one of a kind Look. Remember, this is VINTAGE fabric not new, so they are not considered imperfect or a flaw.